Froe Char is the solo project of Cristina Lauro, artist based in Paris and Brussels.

Over some years of experimentations and numerous releases, Froe Char develops a sophisticated sound immersed in a dark and foggy atmosphere, combining synthetic spells, techno rhythms and mesmerizing vocals. Her debut album « Fossils » got brought out as a split release in 2013 between the labels Modern Tapes and Spielzeug Muzak.

As a continuation, Cristina kept evolving by collaborating with various labels such as Medical Records, Anyw4ve, Serendip Lab and Soil Records. She appeared as well as one of the founders of the Parisian label Spielzeug Muzak and she is also known for being part of the synth duo Illustration Sonore.

Froe Char has been touring and sharing stages across Europe and US. She performed with numerous artists like Automelodi, Bootblacks, Geneva Jacuzzi, Hide, IV Horsemen, Keluar, Mala Herba, Martial Canterel, Sixth June, The Soft Moon, Void Vision among many others.




Her latest work « Panoplies »  is out now on Da!Heard It Records, tuning in the hybridity of all the past & present energies from dark wave, techno-tribal rhythms & industrial-noise layers  

The term panoply is referring  to a full suit of armor, or to a display of appurtenances.  

An idea that alludes to the hybridity of this seventh album by Froe Char, activist of dark sound with her own music, her collaborations (Illustration Sonore), and her label Spielzeug Muzak. 

A display of appurtenances, because“Panoplies” is composite, like a combination of multiple styles. Here, darkwave, techno and tribal rhythms intertwine; there, industrial-noise and synthetic layers tune in, as in Universal Drowning and ARIA, pieces that were inspired by water and breath.  

The link is done less through style than through emotions, in which a pain that is neither tamed nor resigned dominates, full of dark energy. 

Froe Char also emphasizes her Neapolitan roots, singing two songs in Italian, and with Tarantism, gives a nod to Italian tarantism, these ritual dances that heal the victims of tarantula bites in southern Italy. “Panoplies” is a cathartic and solitary trip around human fractures and earth elements.  

To be listened to loudly, very loudly, in our lost rooms! 


Sample Track